About Library

The library is a place of learning and knowledge, possessing an extensive collection of books on engineering, basic science, communication skills, general knowledge and periodicals. It serves as a repository of information that can be accessed by students and faculty members alike.

The library also provides access to digital resources such as e-books, databases, journals and other online sources. It houses a wide variety of materials ranging from textbooks to reference books on all subjects. The library is also equipped with computers with internet access which enables users to search for information on the web.

The library provides an invaluable resource for students who are seeking information on any particular topic or subject matter. It helps them gain knowledge about various topics and enhance their understanding in the same field. With its vast collection of books covering various topics related to engineering, basic science, communication skills and general knowledge, it is an ideal resource for students who wish to improve their academic performance.

Sri Jyothi Polytechnic- Kalavapamula

Number of books and periodicals



Total Books

1 Engineering & Technology Books/ other disciplines offered by the respective polytechnic 9405
2 Basic Sciences & Engineering Science of disciplines 4125
3 Books on Communication skills management and standard general reading 1375
4 Periodicals 15