Diploma In Cloud Computing & Big Data

“Big Data

This simply refers to the very large sets of data that are output by a variety of programs. It can refer to any of a large variety of types of data, and the data sets are usually far too large to peruse or query on a regular computer.

Cloud Computing

This refers to the processing of anything, including Big Data Analytics, on the “cloud”. The “cloud” is just a set of high-powered servers from one of many providers. They can often view and query large data sets much more quickly than a standard computer could.

The Roles Are

Software Engineer | Data Engineer | System Administrator | DevOps Engineer | Cloud Architect

The Companies Are

amazon web services | microsoft azure | google cloud platform | ibm cloud | oracle | vmware | salesforce | alibaba | hewlettpackard enterprise | hashicorp |sap | cisco systems | nutanix | servicenow | adobe | workday | zymr | apriorit | octal it solution | seamgen

Branch Change

They can change their branch in B.Tech like Information Technology(IT),CSEETS