boys campus hostel

	Hostel accommodation is very important for students who cannot commute from home to college daily.  
        Also, hostel accommodation is a boon for students who want to read and understand the syllabus on any given day.
	Study hours are conducted free of cost for 4 hours per day by our lecturers who teach the curriculum.
	Spacious accommodation facility.
	Tiffin in the morning and lunch twice a day.
	24 hours electricity and water facility.
	No additional charges will be charged.


	Cash should not exceed Rs.100/-.
	Many undesirable situations arise due to cell phones.It is better not to have cell phones in the hostel.
	Any student bringing and losing cell phones without our permission or polluting the environment for any other reason will be expelled from the hostel.
	Possession of iron boxes, water heaters and any type of electrical and electronic items will attract a penalty of Rs.500/-.
	Students who fail to pay the bill on time will not get hostel facility.
	Under no circumstances will pocket money or money for expenses be given.
	Hostel students should strictly observe social etiquette.Respect each other and have civilized behavior towards others.
        Those who show rude language and behavior will be suspended from the hostel.
	Those who behave suspiciously with infatuation with other people's belongings will be removed from the hostel.
	Bath rooms and latrines should be cleaned after using more water.
	No damage should be done to the furniture, equipment etc. related to the hostel. The compensation will be collected from the student himself.
	Dining procedures in the mess should be followed.
	Be very disciplined at night and sleep after the study hour. Do not behave in a manner that disturbs fellow students.
	Do not talk loudly in the hostel and do not run in the verandas.
	They should take care of belongings and materials belonging to them.Do not act carelessly and negligently
	Groups and gangs should not be formed.
	There should be no unnatural and offensive behavior.
	There should be no financial transactions with college or mess staff.
	Do not participate in objectionable things like movies and cricket betting.
	Similarly, students are also prohibited from mutual financial transactions, cell phone purchases,sales, repairs, use of ATM cards, sharing of ATM card passwords.
	Students must follow the STUDY HOUR TIMMINGS.
	Do not go outside without the permission of the Warden and the Principal, even with the consent of the parents.
	Ragging is an offense under the law, and is prohibited, and violators are liable to punishment under the law.
	Day-Scholars should not be brought to the hostel.
	A trunk box with a sturdy latch is a must.
	Do not carry money in cash.
	Bills should be deposited into their own bank account.
	Must not contain objectionable literature, novels, film magazines, pictures of film actors and sportspersons and are prohibited.
	Do not come down from the hostel floor wearing knickers and 3/4 pants.
	Do not talk loudly in the verandah.
	Clothes should be washed only in the designated/designated area.
	Ban on Birthday Parties.
	Students staying in the hostel are not allowed to bring food from outside and eat in the hostel.Eat in the dining hall.
        The food brought by the parents should also be eaten in the dining hall.
	Sick students should rest in the sick room.
	Breakfast/lunch is not allowed to be taken to the room.